Meeting Starter Kit with Readings


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Contains: New Group Registration, NA Way newsletter, Group Treasurers Workbook, 7th Tradition Box, 2-White Books, 2-Roles & Responsibilities SP, 2-Group Business Meetings SP, 2-NA Groups and Medication SP, 2-Principals & Leadership in NA Service SP, 2-Disruptive & Violent Behavior SP, 1-The Group Booklet, 2-Who, What, How and Why, 2-The Group IP, 2-Recovery and Relapse, 2-Another Look, 2-Am I An Addict, 2-Just for Today IP, 2-Tri-Angle of Self-Obsession, 2-Sponsorship, 2-By Young Addicts, 2-One Addicts Experience, 2-For The Newcomer, 2-Money Matters, 2-Self Acceptance, 2-For The Parents, 2-Welcome to NA, 2-Funding NA Services, 2-An Intro Guide to NA Meetings


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